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David Bowie Is… at the Art Gallery of Ontario until November 27, 2013… don’t miss it

bowie3If you are a David Bowie fan and reading this in Victoria, British Columbia or Dildo, Newfoundland or Vulcan, Alberta, let me tell you this. The Bowie exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario is worth the price of a plane ticket… or a long bus ride… or rocket ship… or whatever your choice of transpo.

This career spanning look at his work doesn’t just show off costumes—although there are 50 original, stage-worn outfits—or handwritten lyrics and diary entries—although seeing the original “Starman” lyrics written in Bowie’s hand is very cool—or even video clips, music promos and photography. Or even his own personal coke spoon from the 1970s. There’s all that and more but more importantly it places the artist’s work in context, highlighting his influences in surrealism, mime, Music Hall and Kabuki.

Mixing and matching 300 artifacts from Bowie’s archives with the artistic works that influenced him gives a rich and multi-textured look at one of the most influential and culturally active artists of the last fifty years.

The show, “David Bowie is,” will run at the AGO (317 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario), will run until November 27, 2013. Find ticket info HERE!