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PSYCHO GOREMAN: 3 ½ STARS. “an over-the-top Midnight Movie.”

It’s hard to imagine the young stars of “Psycho Goreman,” the “meat children” as the titular alien character calls them, being allowed to watch the movie. The new horror comedy b-movie, now on VOD, isn’t shy about the blood and guts, so it’s definitely not something to throw on to babysit the kids. Unless you want them to have night terrors.

The story begins when two kids, Mimi (Nita-Josee Hanna) and Luke (Owen Myre), playing a game of their own invention called Crazy Ball—the loser gets buried alive—unearth an ancient alien and a red gem. The being is the Arch-Duke of Nightmares, a power mad creature from the planet Gigax, who was entombed on Earth eons ago after a failed coup. After all this time, he’s ready to rock but, unfortunately for him, the gem gives the kids control over his actions. They name him Psycho Goreman (Matthew Ninaber, voiced by Steven Vlahos), and at first it’s all fun and games with the gravelly voiced ET. But the news of P.G.’s return attracts foes from all over the galaxy, including Pandora (Kristen MacCulloch, voiced by Anna Tierney), a templar from Gigax is dispatched to… well, dispatch him and maybe even taking Mimi and Luke out as well.

“Psycho Goreman” is a good old-fashioned b-movie with a silly premise, fun and mostly practical special effects and buckets of fake gore. The best part of it all, is that it knows what it is, an over-the-top Midnight Movie, with no interest in character development or the like. Leave that for Scorsese. Writer/director Steven Kostanski has crafted a movie about what could possibly happen if kids and super-beings hung out, and it’s a lot of fun. Gory, and not for kids, but lots of fun.


screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-3-26-14-pmRichard and CP24 anchor Jamie Gutfreund have a look at the weekend’s new movies, the Tatiana Maslany drama “The Other Half,” the rom com “Lovesick” and “Antibirth” starring “Orange is the New Black’s” Natasha Lyonne.

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screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-11-42-34-amRichard sits in with Marcia MacMillan to have a look at the weekend’s new movies, the Tatiana Maslany drama “The Other Half,” the rom com “Lovesick” and “Antibirth” starring “Orange is the New Black’s” Natasha Lyonne.

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LOVESICK: 3 STARS. “amiably balances the rom with the com.”

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-7-21-04-am“Lovesick” turns the usual romantic comedy journey of self-discovery on its head by flipping the main character’s sex from female to male. Other than that this is a by-the-book rom com that amiably balances the rom with the com.

Jacob Tierney is Dash, a thirtysomething mural artist recently separated from his long time girlfriend Lauren (“Mad Men’s” Jessica Paré). Childhood sweethearts, they were together for twelve years and their break-up has hit Dash hard. Compounding his hurt is her new love Mark (Jay Baruchel). He’s a wiseguy, quick with a barb, who has asked Lauren to marry him.

Dash’s lovesickness has affected every aspect of his life and when he meets Nora (Ali Tataryn) sparks fly, but he is still obsessed with Lauren. Hashing out his feelings of unrequited love with a therapist he searches for a way to let go of the past. Will it be a rehash of “The Graduate” or will Dash move on and move forward?

“Lovesick” doesn’t reinvent the wheel. The most remarkable thing about it is that it sets the action in Winnipeg rather than in the rom com cradle of New York. The same clever, slightly damaged people are on display, wearing their hearts on their sleeves in a movie that follows the rom com formula.

Luckily the cast has great chemistry. Montrealers Tierney, Baruchel and Paré click, making the most of the script’s charms. Rom coms are all about squeezing out laughs and a few heartfelt moments from a formula. “Lovesick” does that effectively, building a cast of quirky characters to surround Dash as his life crumbles.

“Lovesick” is a journey of self discovery, mixed with a few laughs, a tiny bit of romance (it’s more fixation than desire) and just enough darkness to separate it from the run of the mill rom com.