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Suzuki, Speedman and Spacey hit E1 PARTY at The Royal Conservatory of Music She Does the City.com Mon, 09/13/2010 – 13:00.

g9mkbk937aTiff-PartiesWhat seemed like thousands gathered at the E1 Entertainment party at the Royal Conservatory of Music to have a sweaty dance party, talk hedge funds and guzzle Grey Goose.With sixteen films at TIFF this year, there was a lot to yammer about, and we did so on the romantic deck that overlooks foggy Philosopher’s Walk. As for star wattage, we spotted the three S-men: Suzuki, Speedman and Spacey. While Kevin reclusively kept to the third floor VIP, Scott Speedman adorned his cheshire cat grin and bobbed amongst the masses. Although we didn’t get to talk with the Barney’s Version star, we did find ourselves conversing with the handsome Kris Holden-Ried from The Tudors, who now stars in The Lost Girl.  Opting for contact lenses instead of our specs, he didn’t wipe our smudges like the last time we met.  Other hot men we mingled with? Toronto’s most eligible bachelor, Ari Lantos, Co-Producer of Barney’s Version, our favourite film at TIFF this year, and actor Ryan Cartwright (Bones, Mad Men, Seriously Weird.) Cartwright wore a pack of Alka-Seltzer around his neck and relayed how his late night partying isn’t tolerated at the Soho. We didn’t spot Paul Giamatti but heard word that earlier this week he partied to the wee hours at Richmond’s secret boite, Goodnight. As the evening progressed, we found ourselves in a messy dance circle, shaking it to Journey with Young and the Restless mainstay Tonya Lee Williams. Everything at the E1 blowout was amazing, until some beligerent jerk with a Napoleon complex told us off for patting his shoulder. Luckily we quickly sought refuge with charming and eccentric critic Richard Crouse.

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