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SENIOR MOMENT: 2 STARS. “seasoned cast breathe life into hackneyed material.”

The last time we saw William Shatner and Christopher Lloyd on screen together they were outer space enemies battling over a doomsday device in “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.” Reunited in “Senior Moment,” a new old-codger rom com now on VOD, their relationship this time around is more earthbound.

Shatner is retired NASA test pilot Victor Martin. He tools around Palm Springs with the love of his life, a vintage Porsche convertible. One afternoon, after spending the day with his BFF Sal Spinelli (Lloyd), he’s stopped at a light when Pablo Torres (Carlos Miranda) pulls up and challenges him to a street race. Never one to back down Victor agrees, and a few out-of-control minutes later, his license is pulled and his beloved car impounded by DA Tess Woodson (Beth Littleford).

A chance encounter with cafe owner Caroline Summers (Jean Smart) on public transit leads to romance. At least, when Victor’s jealousy of Caroline’s friendship with painter Diego Lozana (Esai Morales) doesn’t get in the way.

“Senior Moment” offers the pleasures of watching the seasoned cast breathe some life into the hackneyed material. For instance, Shatner talking dirty to his car — “A good shower before a wild ride is all you need. Ooh my, you make heads turn. I like that.”— is a joke that’s been around for as long as there have been filthy cars to talk dirty about. The jokes may be stale, but Shatner, Smart and Lloyd milk whatever entertainment value can be squeezed from a script that feels like it migrated to the screen from another era.

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