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Richard’s “So Long, Marianne” panel with Leonard Cohen’s muse at the IFOA in Toronto!

IMG_2501On Saturday October 25 Richard hosted a panel at the International Festival of Authors with Helle V. Goldman, Kari Hesthamar and Marianne Ihlen. They are, respectively, the translator, author and subject of So Long, Marianne.

Here’s a bit of the story: At 22, Marianne Ihlen travelled to the Greek island of Hydra with Norwegian writer Axel Jensen. While Axel wrote, Marianne kept house. One day while Marianne was shopping in a grocery store, a man asked her to join him and some friends at their table. He introduced himself as Leonard Cohen, then a little-known Canadian poet. When the erratic and explosive Axel abandoned Marianne and their newborn son for another woman, Leonard stepped in and a new, tender love affair began. So Long, Marianne by Kari Hesthamar, documents her story.

“This wasn’t a difficult panel to host,” said Richard about the event, “they told great stories while I sat and listened.” Thanks to IFOA and ECW Press for asking Richard to sit in with these incredible women.

Listen to So Long, Marianne HERE!



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