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On the “Pop Life” encore show for January 3, 2021, 8:30 pm on CTV NewsChannel, midnight on CTV,  Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo visits virtually to talk about making new music during the pandemic and what it is like for a touring musician to stay close to home. Then the panel, Cuddy, singer/songwriter Alexis Lynn and Jackie Dean, the co- Interim CEO/ Chief Operating Officer of Music Canada discuss the future of live music.

Jim Cuddy on life as a musician during the pandemic: “We have a little place north of the city and so my wife and I, to varying degrees, moved up there. And, you know, it seemed to everybody that it was going to be pretty short term. But then when it was obvious it was going to last a long time, we settled in. I have not stayed in one place that long for 30 years. And it was beautiful because I watched the seasons come and go at our farm, which we’ve had for 20 years, that I didn’t even know happened, and watching the life and the death and wrote a lot of songs. I try to be really productive. And so it was OK for me. I mean, I know that I’m one of the lucky ones that I had space and I had a career that was OK to put on hold for six months or whoever knows how long.”

Watch the whole thing HERE!

Film critic and pop culture historian Richard Crouse shares a toast with celebrity guests and entertainment pundits every week on CTV News Channel’s talk show POP LIFE.

Featuring in-depth discussion and debate on pop culture and modern life, POP LIFE features sit-down interviews with celebrities from across the entertainment world, including rock legends Sting and Bob Geldof, musicians Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman, comedian Ken Jeong, writer Fran Lebowitz, superstar jazz musician Diana Krall, stand-up comedian and CNN host W. Kamau Bell, actors Danny DeVito and Jay Baruchel, celebrity chefs Bobby Flay and Nigella Lawson, and many more.

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