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crank_2The experience of watching Crank is like watching any action movie on DVD… on fast forward. This movie zips along at such a clip that it should be subtitled, “A Presentation of Short Attention Span Productions.”

Jason Stathan plays a hit man who has been injected with a drug that will kill him within an hour if his heart rate dips below a certain point. Too stubborn to die, he drinks Red Bull by the gallon and uses adrenaline to keep him self alive, while he does what anyone who just has one hour live would do—get revenge on the guy who injected him with poison.

It’s a wild ride with more action than any other three movies this summer. It movies so quickly that if you don’t like a certain stunt, stick around for about thirty seconds because there will be three more you might like better. Crank mixes Statham’s considerable skuzzy charm with outrageous action, great visuals, lots of dark humor and a winning performance from Amy Smart as the hit man’s stoner girlfriend.

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