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cherish-0223Cherish is one of those films that people like to call “quirky.” It is a strange little story about a fantasy-prone woman named Zoe who winds up under house arrest for a crime that she didn’t commit. She finds ways to cope with her situation, which at first doesn’t seem that bad. There are worse ways to do your time than in a huge Ikea furniture decorated loft in San Francisco, but the limitations of movement soon become obvious, and you realize that anywhere can become a prison if you aren’t allowed to leave. Robin Tunney rises above the messy script to actually give Zoe some life, while Tim Blake (O Brother Where Art Thou?) Nelson’s love-sick deputy is an understated gem of a performance. If nothing else Cherish is a good antidote to the smash-‘em-up summer blockbusters currently clogging up multi-plex screens.

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