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37686_1216865229417_350_250Beerfest is rude, vulgar, sophomoric and stupid and I mean that in the best possible way. It is also quite hilarious, if you think beer coming out of your nose is funny.

Beerfest uncovers the underground world of international drinking games when an unwitting group of Americans travels to Germany to partake in Oktoberfest. When it is discovered that they are descended from an unpopular relative of the Beerfest head honcho they must defend the honor of their family. They spend a year training and return to chug their way to victory.

This is a movie for people who find The Three Stooges too complicated or those who think Adam Sandler is too highbrow. The Broken Lizard comedy troupe who wrote, directed and star in Beerfest are some of the funniest guys in movies NOT named Will Ferrell and Jack Black but their brand of humor is R-rated and not for anyone with a weak stomach.

Their movies have more to do with puke and pratfalls than carefully thought out punch lines, but what did you expect from a movie called Beerfest? Subtlety? Witty repartee? Keep looking. Beerfest is a love it or leave it kind of movie. If you bought the DVD of Old School and have watched it more than once, you’re ready for Beerfest. If the idea of watching Old School more than once offends your delicate sensibilities then maybe you should go see Idelwild instead this weekend.

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