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Toronto Legends PODCAST: Richard Crouse, Film Critic/Author/Broadcaster

I appear on the “Toronto Legends Podcast” to talk TIFF, hosting press conferences and growing up in a theatre.

“Film critic/author/broadcaster Richard Crouse talks about his Donald Sutherland ice-breaker, Simon Le Bon’s love of Mr Greenjeans’ Buffalo Chips, kind words for Cameron Bailey’s leadership and agreement with his view that ‘moviewatching is best as a communal experience,’ Brad Pitt’s insouciance to a tidal wave of flashbulbs, why Hugh Jackman and Lady Gaga are ‘good people’, his upcoming book of Lessons Learned, why popcorn is like razorblades for your colon, how ‘review bombing’ is a bad trend, the ‘unspoken contract’ of interviewing celebrities, and setting the record straight on Madonna’s rumoured edict “not to look her directly in the eyes” [spoiler alert: FALSE]!”

Listen to the whole thing HERE!

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