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TIFF 2016: Richard hosted the SNOWDEN Press Conference with Oliver Stone!

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-6-29-48-amRichard hosted the press conference for the TIFF 2016 film “Snowden.” From left to right, Richard, Melissa Leo, Shailene Woodley, Oliver Stone, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zachary Quinto.

Watch the whole thing HERE!

Oliver Stone: “This is really a secret underworld and no one in the NSA has come forward in its 70-year history,” Stone said.

“We only saw a sliver until Ed Snowden. No one saw into that thing, so it’s really an undercover detective story. And for me it’s exciting because it’s like JFK, it goes into something that we don’t know. Americans don’t know anything about it and they still don’t because it’s tricky.

“The government lies about it all the time and what they’re doing is illegal and they keep doing it. And it gets better and better, what they do, so this a very upsetting story.”

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