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THE HOTEL DIEU: 3 STARS. “makes the most of a micro-budget.”

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-2-17-11-pm“The Hotel Dieu” is an earnest coming-of-age story about the emotional aftermath of a serious car accident. Teenager Luke (Andrew Rotilio) and brother Travis (Charlie Hamilton) survive, but the younger man is left with permanent damage to his eyes. As his treatment at the Hotel Dieu progresses, so do his chances of regaining his sight but his recovery brings with it sobering realizations about his life. Therapist Dr. Lawrence (Bob Douglas) and fellow patient Jade (Jessica Siegner) aid Luke in his physical and emotional recovery. First time feature director Adrian Thiessen makes the most of a micro-budget, presenting a handsome looking movie that occasionally drifts into melodrama but stays on track by virtue of solid performances.

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