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UnknownDo you clear your schedule every week to make sure you are at home, in front of the TV for both the performance nights and the elimination shows of “So You Think You Can Dance”? If so, then you may find something to like about “StreetDance 3D,” a new British import in the tradition of “Step Up” and “How She Move.” If not you’re unlikely to find much joy here. Sure the dance sequences are good, although the 3D does little to nothing to enhance them, and the cast is fetching but the story is so lame it’s a wonder they bothered with it at all. Jane English the screenwriter—no wait, that’s too grand a title for the person who “wrote” “StreetDance 3D,” let’s call her typist Jane English instead—has managed to bang together every dance movie cliché in the book. It’s as though she has a secret algorithm available only to people scripting dance movies that allows her to add together elements from every other teen dance movie ever made and actually come out with something less than the sum of its parts. No cliché is left unexplored—the bad guys even wear black military style uniforms. And the acting, well, let’s just say Ginger Rogers doesn’t have to worry about being replaced as the world’s most talented actress / dancer. But as predictable as “StreetDance 3D” is, it does have spirit and some high flying moves.

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