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revenge_of_the_sith_wallpaper-normalIt was difficult to stay a Star Wars fan through the disappointing pair of sequels that started the new cycle of George Lucas’ epic space films. Real enthusiasts shudder at the stiff acting, the ruthless merchandising and the mere mention of Jar Jar Binks. The Revenge of the Sith, now on a 2-disc DVD with 6 hours of extras, is the installment that made it OK to be a Star Wars fan again. This one has better action, better effects and to me Yoda is the coolest that he has ever been. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the Star Wars mythology knows the storyline here—Anakin Skywalker turns into super space baddie Darth Vadar—but Lucas really bumped up the cool factor here and made this the most watchable and most enjoyable of the prequels.

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