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An announcement!

For many years I made my way through the world tending bar and chatting up customers in a handful of Toronto restaurants. I loved (almost) every minute of those jobs and the camaraderie that came from handing out drinks to thirsty people. It’s been twenty years since I stood behind a bar but that is about to change, sort of.

Drum roll please.

I am tickled to share the teaser trailer for my new Bell Media television show Pop Life. We go to air in September (details coming soon!) with an incredible list of guests and some surprises too. (Watch the teaser HERE!)

But what does this have to do with tending bar you ask? Let me tell you. It’s a talk and panel show where we toss around hot button topics from the worlds of show business, pop culture and the media. I thought that because I spent years talking about that stuff while working in bars, why not set the show in a bar?

I give you the Pop Life Bar. It’s a set (built on the hallowed ground where they shot the game show Definition and parts of the movie Network!) but I can honestly say it’s nicer than some of the real bars where I slung drinks.

I can’t wait to for you to see the show but for now here’s a taste… or, I guess, in this case, a sip. Pop Life, pout a little fizz in your night!

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