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Playtime with the stars of Toy Story 3 RICHARD CROUSE METRO CANADA June 16, 2010

arts-toy-story-3-584Toy Story 3 is about toys. All kinds of toys. Some familiar, like the hilariously vain Ken doll voiced by Michael Keaton, others less so, like Mr. Pricklepants, a small stuffed toy with a deep baritone supplied by Timothy Dalton.

The stars have come out to play toys in the film, but what toys did they play with as children?

Jeff Garlin
The burly Curb Your Enthusiasm actor who voices Buttercup the Unicorn says his most memorable toy wasn’t actually a toy, but the box it came in. “I used that box for a year as a fort, as a robot,” he says. “I loved the box. And now my kids, as they open up gifts, love boxes.”

Joan Cusack
“I had a Barbie head,” says Cusack, who returns to the Toy Story franchise for the second time as the voice of Jessie, the Yodeling Cowgirl. “Just the head. It was sold like that. It was her head and her neck was like a tray and we did make-up and hair on the head. That’s all I can really remember. The rest of it was all make-believe and forts and playing house and stuff. It wasn’t so much toys back then.”

Michael Keaton
The Batman actor didn’t play with Ken dolls as a kid — he just plays one in the movie — but he does fondly remember a baseball glove he had as a youngster. “I wish I still had it,” he says. “It was perfectly worked in.”

Kristen ‘Trixie the Triceratops’ Schaal
The baby-voiced actress best known as Mel on Flight of the Concords, says her favorite childhood toy also came in a box, but unlike her co-star, she actually played with the contents. “My great aunt gave me a box of costume jewelry that I used forever until I lost every piece,” she says. “I would pretend to be a madam! No! Just kidding! A princess!”

Timothy Dalton
The former Mr. Bond — now the voice of a stuffed hedgehog with theatrical ambitions — agrees with Cusack. “We made things up,” he says. “We played with tin cans, stones and bits of wood or paper. Or we played games or went on adventures like tramping across the fields thinking we were adventuring heroes. It was before the space age but we did what these guys in the movie were doing except we did it in our heads.”

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