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Richard joins the hosts of NewsTalk 1010’s “The New Rush” with Scott MacArthur and guest host Deb Hutton, for a new segment called “Entertainment Court.” Each week Richard serves as the judge, Reshmi and Scott the jurors, and we render a verdict on the week’s biggest pop culture stories.

This week we ask, Do we have to clamp down on people who just want to have a good time at the movies? Guardian writer Stuart Heritage argues that Season 4’s episodes of Stranger Things are ungainly. They are mostly movie-length and considerably longer than previous instalments. He wonders if the sprawling shows can even be counted as TV anymore. So, the question is… on TV, does size matter? Is the trademark squatter who scooped up the names Dunder Miflin, “Dillon Football” (as in Dillon, Texas from Friday Night Lights) and “Nostromo” (the ship from Alien) a copyright menace or a clever business person?

Listen to the whole thing HERE!

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