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NewsTalk 1010 ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: No Frozen 2… at least, not yet

There is no denying, Frozen has been a smash hit for Disney, but could a sequel already be in the works?Not likely.Idina Menzel, the actor who voices Elsa in the movie, said in a recent interview that a Frozen 2 was already in the works.She’s since backtracked a little, saying only, “I just assume that because it’s so successful that that’s what they’re up to.”

Newstalk1010’s Film Critic Richard Crouse says Disney wouldn’t be smart, if they left this as a one movie wonder.

“A movie like Frozen doesn’t make as much money has it has in theatres, on DVDs and with the dolls and stuff like that, without a sequel at least being planned.”

The film has grossed more than 1.2 billion dollars at the worldwide box office and the dolls are out-selling Barbie this holiday season.

But Crouse says you’ll probably have to wait a little while longer before you see a sequel hit the theatres.

“My guess is they are going to wait until they’ve made every dime they can out of that movie, and then they’ll spring another one on us and start that whole cycle again.”

Menzel had also hinted that there could be a stage adaptation to the film in the near future. While Crouse suggests that it would be a fit on stage, that too, would likely be years away.

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