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METRO CANADA: Perez Hilton to ‘celebrate and skewer’ in Full House Musical

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 11.09.05 AMBy Richard Crouse – Metro Canada

When most people think of Perez Hilton they think of his blog PerezHilton.com, a gossip site that last year was ranked 1,234th most trafficked website on the Internet.

If Perez has his way, however, you’ll start thinking of him as a musical comedy star. The Tisch School of the Arts graduate is set to star in National Lampoon’s Full House The Musical! A Tanner Family Parody! at Toronto’s Randolph Theatre for a limited run before the show moves to New York in September.

Hilton found out about the show, fittingly enough, on the Internet. A friend posted a notice about the musical on his Facebook page. “I left a comment saying, ‘I need to be involved. I need to be in this show,’” he says. “I even joked I would be Mary Kate and Ashley. One of the creators, Tobly (McSmith), said, ‘Is Perez serious?’”

He was serious, but the show isn’t. Featuring tunes like This House is Too Full and Our Family is Better Than Your Family, the musical shows what happens when “something happens where (Danny) loses his ability to give ‘dad’ speeches and all hell breaks loose.”

The show will “both celebrate and skewer the source material,” he says. “In this one not only am I playing the family patriarch Danny Tanner, but I’m also playing Bob Saget. So we satirize the show and incorporate elements of these actor’s lives that we know and love.”

Hilton hopes people will accept him as Danny Tanner. “It may be hard for people to forget about Perez Hilton at the beginning but hopefully as the show goes on they kind of lose themselves in the experience and start to see me as the characters I play in this show.”

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