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IN ISOLATION WITH..: book, comics, and video game author Sam Maggs!

Check out episode thirty-three of Richard’s web series, “In Isolation With…” It’s the talk show where we make a connection without actually making contact! Today, broadcasting directly from Isolation Studios (a.k.a. my home office) we meetSam Maggs, an author who joins us via Zoom from her home in Los Angeles. Sam is a bestselling author of books, comics, and video games. She’s been a senior games writer, the author of many YA and middle-grade books, a comics writer for beloved titles like Marvel Action: Captain Marvel, My Little Pony, and Transformers. She is also an on-air host for networks like Nerdist.

Today she joins me to talk about two books, “Con Quest,” an adventure novel for young readers set in the world of comics conventions and “The Unstoppable Wasp: Built on Hope,” a Young Adult novel based on the world of “The Unstoppable Wasp” Marvel comics series. I love this line in her bio… as a Canadian in Los Angeles, she misses Coffee Crisp and bagged milk.

In this interview we talk about her books, why we both feel we have to work all the time and discuss whether that is a good thing or not.

“A lot of the people in the book and experiences are based on real things that have happened to me at cons,” Sam says in the interview. “The antagonist in the book is based on an amalgamation of gatekeeping nerd dudes who over the years have told me that maybe I don’t belong in fandom and or that I’m not a real nerd and that I’m ruining their hobbies or whatever so making that bad guy was very fun for me.”

Let’s get to know Sam Maggs…

Watch the interview on YouTube HERE or on ctvnews.ca HERE!

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