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Fubar2-stillYou probably went to school with some of them. Or maybe when you see them on the street you cross to the other side. They are headbangers, also known affectionately as ‘bangers. You know the type, long greasy hair with heavy metal t-shirts, who can usually be seen shot-gunning beer and yelling “just giver!” at the top of their lungs. “Fubar 2,” the long awaited follow-up to the fabulous 2002 uber-low budget mockumentary of almost the same name, reintroduces us to two ‘bangers, Dean (Paul Spence) and Terry (David Lawrence), who put a western twist on “Goin’ Down the Road” and leave their old Calgary stomping grounds for the promise of jobs in Fort McMurray. Let’s face it, these guys are easy targets for ridicule, and in the first film director Michael Dowse didn’t go for the easy jokes. He let us get involved with the characters and get to like them before dropping some very heavy plot developments on us. Unfortunately the second time around feels a bit more mean spirited, as though we’re laughing at Terry and Dean instead of with them. It’s still amusing, just not as poignant as the first film.

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