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final-destination-3-505da032e885dIn the time-honored tradition of movies like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, The Final Destination series exists solely to find new and inventive ways of killing teenagers. Like the Ronco vegetable chopper I see on television infomercials late at night, these movies slice and dice teens with little muss and fuss, usually with just one of them surviving to star in the inevitable sequel.

Final Destination 3, the latest in the franchise finds new and inventive ways to thin out the teenage herd including death by roller coaster and tanning bed. It’s fun in a gruesome kind of way, particularly if you don’t like teenagers. The DVD has a unique special feature that I’ve never seen before. You can watch the movie straight, just as the filmmaker intended, or you can play the “Choose Their Fate” version of the movie where you can change the outcome for some of the characters. Starting at the beginning the movie will pause at key points in the film and give you two choices that will directly effect the way the film progresses. So, for example, if you like that Kris Lemke boy who played God on Joan of Arcadia maybe you can save him from a gruesome fate. It’s a cool extra feature and one that spices up an otherwise predictable movie.

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