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CTV NEWSCHANNEL: “Hellboy” star David Harbour ON how he prepared to play Big Red.

Richard sat down with “Hellboy” star David Harbour to talk about how he prepared to play Big Red.

“Because the [Hellboy] outfit is so extraordinary, the latex mask and the body is so big, I needed something to rehearse in. They can’t apply it [for rehearsal] because it requires however many thousand dollars a day to apply that makeup. So I went to Paragon Sports in New York and made myself this homemade Hellboy outfit. I bought a wetsuit and all this hockey padding. I sewed together two big catcher shin guard things and put a hockey glove on the end of it. Then I got a wig, put some coffee cup holders for my horns, and put little weights on my face so that I could feel the tension that. It was a whole sports rig.”

Watch the whole interview HERE!



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