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CTV NEWS: ‘A national treasure’: remembering icon Christopher Plummer

From a CTVNews.ca article by Christy Somos CTVNews.ca Writer:

That sentiment was echoed by CTV’s host of “Pop Life” and film critic Richard Crouse on News Channel Friday.

“This is a man who had a 78-year career,” Crouse said.

“This is something that is almost unparalleled these days, and when you see a legend like Christopher Plummer pass, you can’t help but think he is a national treasure in every sense of the word.”

Crouse said Plummer was someone who was “always proud to be Canadian.”

“I interviewed him many times, and he was always so gracious and always so interesting to talk to,” Crouse said. “There was nothing off limits with him, if you were going to sit down and talk about a role with him…he would tell you exactly how he transformed.”

“He conquered everything,” Bumbray said.

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