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Richard sits in with CP24 to discuss the Golden Globes, Seth Myers and Oprah.

Watch the whole thing HERE!

Here are some rough notes from the Golden Globes:

The political commentary began already with Debra Messing, while being interviewed on the E! Red carpet said, “I was shocked to hear E! doesn’t believe in paying their female cohosts the same as their male cohosts.”

Subtle and not so subtle comments continued with Natalie Portman pointing out that all the best director nominees were men in an evening clearly designed to commemorate the brave women who spoke out this year.

Seth Meyers did well enough in what is probably the toughest job in show business this year. Striking a balance between making pointed comments and still making people laugh, he managed to find a way to work Harvey Weinstein into a comedy routine.

Likely it will be the speeches that her best remembered when people look back at this Golden Globes. Elizabeth Moss was eloquent and heartfelt, quoting Margaret Atwood. “We are of the story and we’re writing it ourselves.“

Also memorable was Sterling K. Brown from This is Us, who spoke about the importance of role models for African American actors.

That was a theme echoed in the most powerful speech of the night from Cecil B DeMille award winner Oprah Winfrey. She spoke about Sidney Pottier but also of speaking truth to power in a speech that brought the audience to their feet early on and kept them there the whole time.

There was no clear front runner, but Saoirse Ronan, who won Best Actress for Lady Bird and Guillermo del Toro, who won best director for The Shape of Water became serious Oscar contenders tonight. Lady Bird got a push, winning best Comedy or Musical. Frances McDormand also took a few steps toward Oscar with her win for Three Billboards.

Sad to see Get Out snubbed for both it’s nominations.

Funny moments included James Franco shooing Tommy Wiseau, the guy he portrayed in The Room, away from the microphone when he tried to crash the acceptance speech. Also loved that Saoirse Ronan’s mom was watching on FaceTime.

Frances McDormand: The women in this room tonight are not here for the food. They’re here for the work. Trust me.

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