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How To Be A Social Media Star,” is a mockumentary by social media star Brittlestar about the life of a middle-aged social media star that features Jason Nash, Thomas Sanders, Chris Melberger, Meghan McCarthy, Senan Byrne, J Cyrus, Danny Gonzalez, Richard Crouse, Seán Burke, Brendon McNerney, Eric Artell, Jason Dietrich and Gregor Reynolds.

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Follow Brittlestar for more fun videos and content! Facebook: https://facebook.com/brittlestar Instagram:https://instagram.com/brittlestar Twitter: https://twitter.com/brittlestar

Brittlestar’s comedic and family-friendly but irreverent videos have been seen more than 300 MILLION times on various platforms. With a global fanbase of almost 1 MILLION people, an invitation to the White House, speaking engagements all over North America, starring in the Dreamworks TV show ‘Kid vs Parent’ with his youngest son, collaborations with celebs such as The Property Brothers, and meet-and-greets at PlaylistLive with 20,000 fans strong, Brittlestar is living the social media celebrity dream… not bad for a Dad from the suburbs. Brittlestar, or Stewart Reynolds (as his mom calls him when he’s in trouble), is the father of two teen boys, Owen and Gregor (both well-known creators online). These three guys, along with Brittlestar’s wife, Shannon (co-star of their successful The Morning Show Thing live stream on Facebook), have created viral videos for a variety of brands and organizations such as Disney, ESPN, Subway, CBC, Walmart, and others.

www.brittlestar.com @brittlestar pretty much everywhere

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