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A Critical Christmas: The Holiday Films even Critics can’t say “humbug” to.

It-s-A-Wonderful-Life-movie-title-screen-christmas-movies-2393995-640-480From reelthomernst.com:

Richard Crouse: CTV Canada AM, Metro News and NewsTalk 1010

James Stewart stars in one of the movies that always puts me in the mood for Christmas, but its not the one you think. Sure, It’s A Wonderful Life is a classic and yuletastic, but I also enjoy The Shop Around The Corner. It’s a Christmassy romance that sees shop co-workers Stewart and Margaret Sullivan at one another’s throats at work, unaware that they are also anonymously courting one another as pen pals. All becomes clear on Christmas Eve and they unwrap a big ol’ gift basket of love. It’s almost as heartwarming as a giant mug of hot chocolate.

On the other end of the scale is Black Christmas. Many years ago, on the first Christmas the PMC — my Preferred Movie Companion — and I spent together, I screened the movie for her, which almost stopped the relationship before it had a chance to really get going. I love the slaying slasher story. Her, not so much. I quickly rebounded with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, which made the yuletide bright once again. Thanks, Chevy Chase, for saving Christmas and my relationship!

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