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unaccompanied-minors-5I can imagine the pitch session for Unaccompanied Minors—“It’s Home Alone at the airport!”—which essentially it is, except without the charm, the belly laughs or the inventiveness.

Here we have five stereotypy kids—the forlorn rich kid, the nerdy Urkel clone, the overweight boy, angry girl and disheartened teen with daddy issues—who get stranded at an airport during a blizzard and must use their wits to battle against an evil airport supervisor played by The Daily Show’s Lewis Black. They learn about family, the importance of teamwork, and the holidays while trashing the airport, hiding in suitcases and outsmarting all the adults around them. The odd laugh manages to sneak in, but, I suspect, becomes very lonely and leaves quickly wondering where all his giggly friends are.

Worse than “heartwarming” holiday movies are holiday hi-jinks movies like Unaccompanied Minors featuring kids. Do yourself a favor avoid this one and rent A Christmas Story instead.

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