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trespass-movie-image-nicolas-cage-nicole-kidman1It’s not often you find two Oscar winners headlining an almost direct to video movie (it played at TIFF and a week in limited release), but “Trespass” features Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman in a movie so forgettable it’s possible the studio simply forgot to schedule a run in theatres.

The movie takes place almost entirely inside the multimillion-dollar home of Kyle and Sarah Miller (Cage and Kidman). He’s a hotshot real estate agent with a secret; she’s a bored Stepford wife. The suburban ennui of their lives is shattered by a home invasion. When Kyle tries to negotiate with the baddies the situation escalates until the lives of everyone are at stake.

As a tribute to the thrillers of the 1980s “Trespass” is on the right track, except for the complete lack of thrills. Told without an ounce of urgency, the story begs for some twists and turns, but they don’t come. No twists, no turns, not even a slight veering off course. The movie unfolds in such predictable ways not even Nicolas Cage’s usual histrionics can breathe life into this zombified script.

First of all, he’s badly miscast. The ideal part for him would have been the lead villain, but it’s not the movie star role. His face would have been hidden for much of the movie and he’s far from the hero of the piece, but at least he’s halfway interesting. Cage’s take on Kyle Is so by the book you cold bet paper cuts simply by watching him go through the motions.

As for Nicole… it’s time to bring back the fake nose and once again do movies worthy of her talent.

Having said all this, I doubt “Trespass” will hurt the careers of anyone involved because in a couple of months no one will remember this movie ever existed.

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