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This week on the Richard Crouse Show we meet actor Alana Hawley Purvis. In “Range Roads,” now available on Super Channel and to rent or buy on VOD, she plays an actress who tries to reconnect with her estranged brother after their parents die in a car accident. But there’s a mystery as well. Frankie finds a life insurance policy that names a woman whose name she doesn’t recognize. What’s her connection to the family?

We’ll also meet award-winning comedian Leslie Seiler. Leslie is from Halifax and now lives in Los Angeles. The focus of her mew comedy album, “Check For Snakes,” is moving to L.A. in 2016 and experiencing the Trump and Covid era from the perspective of someone from Canada. We talk about her comedy and her side gig… decorating Christmas trees for Jennifer Lopez.

Then we meet David Cronenberg. If it is true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Cronenberg must be basking in the reflected glow of some pretty serious film fawning. The OG of Body Horror’s influence can be seen in lurid detail in recent movies like the Palme d’Or winner “Titane” and Natalie Portman’s biological thriller “Annihilation” among many others.

The director of “Eastern Promises,” “A History of Violence,” “The Fly” and “Videodrome,” among many others, returns to theatres after an eight-year break with “Crimes of the Future,” an all-star story of eroticized human evolution starring Kristen Stewart, Viggo Mortensen and Léa Seydoux.

Sharing a name with a movie the director made in 1970 and based on a script he wrote in the early 2000s, “Crimes of the Future” takes place in a time when “Accelerated Evolution Syndrome” has all but eliminated pain in most humans.

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