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COMING SOON! Richard hosting Hot Docs screening of The Last Mogul!

Scandal Power Corruption – a true Hollywood story

Special Presentation at Hot Docs 2015 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of director Barry Avrich’s controversial look at the Hollywood legend and one true mogul

Cheryl Boone Isaacs, President, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to introduce film, Richard Crouse to do a Q&A with director Bary Avrich following the screening. 

“Oscar worthy.” Hollywood Reporter

“Refreshingly honest… and paced with consummate skill.” Variety

TORONTO, ON – THE LAST MOGUL: The Life and Times of Lew Wasserman directed by Barry Avrich will return to the big screen in Toronto as a special presentation for its 10th anniversary at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival on Sunday, April 26 at 4 p.m. at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. The controversial documentary about Hollywood powerhouse Lew Wasserman details his rise, and his reign, that lasted for over half a century. Only Wasserman had the power to run the movie industry, control the unions and influence politics at the highest level – mainly presidential. He was rumored to have had the mafia in his pocket as well.

Through legendary deal-making, and his well-known temper, this self-made man could achieve whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted – changing the industry forever. He worked with everyone from Spielberg to Hitchcock and as Chairman and CEO of MCA and then Universal, Wasserman was king.

Director Avrich undertook 15 years of research and dozens of interviews to craft THE LAST MOGUL and paint a truly provocative portrait of Wasserman, from the beginning of his story to the end.

“The question that now prevails and resonates today is as follows: Did the notion of having one powerful mogul rule the entertainment industry ‎die with Lew Wasserman?” says Avrich. “Ten years later, I do believe that this film still fuels the debate.”

Today, 10 years after the documentary was made, film has changed so dramatically and while the influence Wasserman had on the industry is still very evident, the conversation has evolved. With developing technology and opportunities for audiences to consume film in new ways (i.e.: Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube), is there still a place for a modern Wasserman?

“A portrait of a powerful and perplexing man, who for years was the power behind every Hollywood throne.” Roger Ebert had said about THE LAST MOGUL. “Barry Avrich has talked to just about everyone and asked all the right questions in his fascinating documentary.”

The film will have its anniversary screening on April 26 at 4 p.m. at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. Following the screening, there will be a special Q&A with moguls of today who will discuss the current media landscape and what it’s like to be a mogul in the modern era. Panel participants to be announced shortly. Cheryl Boone Isaacs, President, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to introduce film.

Buy tickets HERE or call the CraveTV Box Office at 416-637-5150. Single tickets are priced at $15.04.