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Check out the Richard Crouse Show on NewsTalk 1010 for June 30, 2018! This week Richard welcomes Jay Bennett, producer of the Darken,a new sci-fi, horror hybrid film from director Audrey Cummings and Ruth Goodwin of Entrances and Exits: A Spontaneous Farce. Listen to the whole thing HERE!

Some info on “Darken: Set in a world where ‘outside’ is a myth, DARKEN is a parallel universe made up of endless, maze-like rooms, its inhabitants protected by the watchful eye of its altruistic overseer, Mother Darken. When an outsider accidentally finds her way in, she becomes entwined in a bloody revolutionary battle between the self-appointed voice of Mother and the world’s courageous outliers. But where has Mother Darken gone? And can our heroine find a way back to the outside world without facing certain death?

Some info on “Entrances and Exits“: In a new unscripted format, seven of Toronto’s best actors and improvisers piece together a 60 minute improvised play based on the traditional farces that we love like “The Norman Conquests” and “Noises Off.” The Format: Act 1 and Act 2 take place over the same window of time in adjoining rooms of the same house with a variety of (you guessed it) entrances and exits. Based on a format Ruth and Liz (life long best friends) used to run in Liz’s mom’s house for her friends, Entrances and Exits started as a show they would do for dinner parties where Act 1 would take place in the living room and Act 2 would take place in the adjoining dining room. Since then, Paolo has come on board with his farce and theatricality expertise to develop the format for the stage.

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