Dumb-Dumberer-When-Harry-Met-Lloyd-eric-christian-olsen-10477593-1400-918For me, the funniest part of Dumb and Dumberer was reading the insanely over-the-top press kit that accompanied the film. The kit uses flowery language to describe the filmmaking process as “a magnificent comedic journey,” and boldly states that this movie has “a little bit of something for everybody.” Lies. All lies. As we all know this movie is a prequel to the Farrelly Brothers 1994 hit Dumb and Dumber, which starred Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as the chicken brained Lloyd and Harry. As inane as that movie may have been, it was funny in a gross way, and had some heart. Unfortunately, it also made a lot of money at the box office, which gave some genius the idea to make another movie based on the same characters. That all the main players of the original – the directors, writers and stars – have since priced themselves out of the market for a quickie cash grab like this didn’t stop the producers from cobbling together a wide variety of second rate talents (and I use that word with a hint of irony attached) to present one of the least funny and ineptly made movies to ever play at your local multi-plex.