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1_371x496Master of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock said, “People like to be scared when they feel safe.” Try telling that to the woman sitting next to me at a Saturday matinee screening of Paranormal Activity several Octobers ago. It was the first and only time I have ever heard anyone actually scream in a theatre. I don’t mean a quiet whimper followed by an embarrassed laugh or a frightened little squeal. No, I mean a full-on, open throated howl of terror.

She may have felt safe, but I sure didn’t.

The days leading up to Halloween are the time of year for leave-the-lights-on movie moments and while there’s no new Paranormal Activity thrills this fall (we‘ll have to wait until 2016 for the next one) there are loads of other big screen scream worthy scenes coming to theatres… TO READ THE REST CHECK OUT THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE OF MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT ON NEWS STANDS NOW! 

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