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Go ask Oscar Reel Guys by Richard Crouse and Mark Breslin METRO CANADA Published: December 2, 2011

My-Week-With-Marilyn-my-week-with-marilyn-29247112-1280-800So many movies were released last weekend for American Thanksgiving it seems like there weren’t any left for this week. With only limited release new films in theatres the Reel Guys have decided to look at what’s at the multiplex already that could take home Oscar gold.

Richard: Mark, for me right now the frontrunner for Best Actress is Michelle Williams. Her take on Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn is so eerily accurate it transcends mimicry. She really becomes Marilyn. I say right now, because The Iron Lady hasn’t hit theatres yet. Word is the only way Williams can beat Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher is if Streep decides not to allow herself to be nominated. Are their any surefire bets for you?

MB: Even with Meryl in the race, Williams will win because Hollywood loooooooooves Marilyn Monroe, and Thatcher is an unsympathetic figure to a liberal community. I think George Clooney could be a lock for The Descendants. It’s the most nuanced work he’s ever done, and I think there’s a feeling it’s time he got that statue for his cumulative body of work. Who else might challenge him?

RC: I think Clooney deserves an Oscar for just being Clooney. He’s our generation’s Cary Grant and I loved that he didn’t rely on his usual charm and likability in The Descendants, but how cool would it be if Ryan Gosling gave him a run. He had a great year with three high profile interesting roles to choose from. Me, I’d give it to him for his brilliant, menacing work in Drive.

MB: Brilliant, yes. But he won’t win. The movie will be too violent for older academy voters. But I sense a strong contender from the same movie for Best Supporting Actor: Albert Brooks. I love when comedians play bad guys and Brooks was the most memorable baddie of the year.

RC: I would love Albert Brooks to win simply to hear his acceptance speech. If it’s anything like his twitter feed it would be hilarious. I would also love to see Hugo have a shot at Best Picture. It’s perfect for the Academy. It ‘s a big beautiful movie about the magic of movies. It would be one for the history books; a kid’s flick directed by Martin Scorsese as the year’s big winner.

MB: The academy is always biased against kid’s pictures even if it’s one as magical as Hugo. Maybe it will be one of those instances where it won’t win for Best Picture but Scorsese will take home the Best Direction award. Everyone would have to admit the direction was nothing short of ravishing.

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