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From Iron Man 3 to Star Trek: This summer’s must see movies By Richard Crouse and Mark Breslin Metro Canada – In Focus May 3, 2013

iron_man_3_new-wideSYNOPSIS: It’s May 3 and there’s a new Iron Man movie. That means it’s summer movie season and soon theatres will be filled with angry aliens, hungry zombies and giant sea monsters. I guessing there will also be some wild movie characters as well. It’s popcorn movie season and this week the Reel Guys have a look at what movies make them hot as the temperature rises.

Richard: Mark, summer movies leave me feeling conflicted. I’m always in the mood for with substance, so I’ll definitely line up to see Before Midnight, the third part of the Ethan Hawke-Julie Delpy relationship trilogy, but man, I there’s something about the hot weather that makes me want to watch things explode. To satisfy that basic need, Star Trek Into Darkness is high on my list. How about you?

Mark: Richard, there are two kinds of people: Star Trek people and Star Wars people. Unfortunately, I am neither. I am looking forward to the Superman reboot, Man Of Steel. Nothing says “popcorn movie” better than the granddaddy of all superheroes. I’m also looking forward to Wolverine. He’s the most complex and nuanced of all the X-Men characters and I enjoyed the first one even more than the rest of the X-Men series. By the way, I’m not a Before Midnight guy either. During the first two, I kept hoping both characters would fall into the Seine.

RC: How about zombies? I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead so I’m looking forward to World War Z filling the gap between seasons of the show. If brain-eating undeads aren’t your thing, however, how about some brain dead teen thieves? The Bling Ring is Sophia Coppola’s movie about real-life rich kids who used the internet to track the whereabouts of celebrities and then rob their homes. It’ll be the opposite of a gritty true crime story—one of the victims, Paris Hilton, even has a cameo—but fans of LA and Louboutins should find something to like here.

: Two good choices, Richard!  I don’t even like zombie movies and I can’t wait for World War Z! Brad Pitt and millions of rotting ugly faces- the contrast alone will be high drama. And I like everything Sofia Coppola does And if we’re talking indie films, what about The Wonderful Now, a coming-of-age rom com that was a Sundance favorite this year? Or on a different note, Lovelace, the biopic of the Deep Throat star which asks the burning question: how badly does Amanda Seyfried want to change her image?

RC: After The Big Wedding Seyfried needs to shake things up a bit. I think the wildest movie of the summer might turn out to be Pacific Rim. Sea monsters versus robots? I’m in.

MB: I’m looking forward to a movie where there won’t be a single human to get in the way. Or there’s always the next Vin Diesel picture.

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