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domino-03Anyone raised in the music video era, or with the attention span of gnat will understand the visual language of Domino. Images fly by on the screen so quickly I almost got whiplash watching this stylish, but frenetic story of Domino Harvey, the real-life Ford model and wild-child daughter of actor Laurence Harvey turned bounty-hunter.

As Domino Pirates of the Caribbean and Bend it Like Beckham star, the rake-thin Kiera Knightly, proves that she can carry a movie. She also proves that she can head-butt, punch, kick and num chuck a movie.

There is nothing subtle here from Tony Scott’s over caffeinated camerawork to the violence to the story, which takes off on flights of fancy, ignoring the true-life events of Domino’s life in favor of exploitive fiction. Domino is a loud, chaotic and noisy picture that is more a tribute to Tony Scott’s editing prowess than it is to the memory of the real Domino, who died at age 35 just months before the movie was released.

Fun self-depreciating supporting roles by former Beverly Hills 90210 stars Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Greene, playing themselves as the much-abused hosts of a reality TV show add some pop to the humor in the film. Mickey Rourke continues his much belated comeback, playing his now signature role as a dirty tough guy trying to cling to the last ounce of his humanity.

Some will find Domino’s fast pace and outrageous story make for a good time at the theatre while others will have to reach for the Aspirin halfway through the movie.

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