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CTV News: If you didn’t like the Best Picture noms, you’re not alone

Check out Josh Elliot’s ctvnews.ca story “Oscar Hype: If You Don’t Like the Best Picture Noms, You’re Not Alone,” to hear Richard’s rebuttals to the naysayers!

“Don’t feel bad if you thought “Arrival” made no sense, “La La Land” was pretentious or you fell asleep during “Moonlight,” because you’re not alone.

“Hollywood voters will spend Oscar night praising all nine of this year’s Best Picture nominees, but that doesn’t make them perfect. In fact, it’s easy to find voices of dissent on the internet.

“CTVNews.ca rounded up some of the most common complaints about each movie and put them to film critic Richard Crouse, to see which ones held up…” READ THE WHOLE THING HERE!

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