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Canada AM: Indoor Activities to try out on Family Day or March Break

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.45.35 AMFrom canadaam.ctvnews.ca:

Escape Game

Location: We tried out the Casa Loma Escape Series. Escape games have become a big trend and there are many locations popping up across the country. This one is unique because it’s set inside historic Casa Loma.

What they have to offer: Casa Loma currently has two escape games and two more are in the works.

They are interactive puzzles where the participants have to work together to solve a series of clues in order to “escape” the room.

Age ranges: The games are recommended only for those over 13 years of age. Everyone under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

How the Canada AM team enjoyed it: The game we played was called ‘Escape from The Tower’ and took place over four levels connected by spiral staircases.

Some of the puzzles were tricky, but they were all achievable. There were actors to guide us through the game, and they would also offer hints when necessary. It’s a great teambuilding activity because you really do have to work together.

Watch the whole thing HERE!

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